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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 29, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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we will see you tomorrow. have a good night, everybody. tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for more than a month, mobs of violent crazy people have roamed this country terrorizing citizens and destroying things. no one has stopped them from doing that, so it's continued. politicians now cower before the mob. corporate america mouths their slogans. it enforces their demands. policeir officers, emasculated d restrained, watch it all from the sidelines, unable to help. for weeks, we've asked who will stand up for this country? and the answer is americans, americans will. it is up to them. small groups of citizens are beginning to come forward to defend their laws in history and culture.
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antifa does not own these things. neither does black lives matter. they have no right to destroy them. a group of citizens gathered tof defend the statue of teddy roosevelt. the most popular president in the history of this nation because he was a sterling moral example. antifa wants him erased. local officials said they will comply with that demand. no one asked the public what the public thinks of this. our leaders don't care what they think. this group decided to be heard. >> you fall so hard. you won't know what hit you. >> get back over there. >> who are you talking to? you've got something to say, little boy? you've got something to say, little boy? no, you don't, do you? i'll stand wherever i want. >> you're a bigot.
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>> is that the best you've got, baby boy? is that the best you've got? >> tucker: that's the new york we love. is that the best you've got? actually, yes, it is the best they've got. tear off the masks, turn down the volume, and you see it very clearly. the mob is not fearsome, it's pathetic. these are pampered children playacting at revolution, cowards. that's why they move in packs. they have no skills. all they can do is destroy. the closer you get to them, the clearer all of that is. >> they are trying to find it as a racial issue. it's not about race anymore. i never really was. this is about taking apart the fabric of america. >> tucker: well, exactly. it never was about racial justice. that's obvious to the rest of us now. the president understands it. he issued an executive order protect our monuments from the
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mob. saturday the department of justice charge four people with destruction of federal property for vandalizing monuments right across from the white house. federal park police posted 15 wanted posters on line and the president retweeted them. the overpaid corporate revolutionaries on cable news were outraged by that. enforcing the law? enforcing the law is a racist, they lectured us. msnbc anchors enjoy seeing statues topple as they glide by their car. it makes them feel alive. >> another sign of where his priorities are during this time, the president signed a new executive order yesterday centered on protecting monuments, memorials, and statues. not people. >> so he threatens prison terms, he threatens retribution, he defends statues. he ignores the substance of the message and misses the mark. >> president trump signed an executive order about the
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protests, but not to protect people dying at the hands of the state but instead signed an order that denounced protesters who vandalize civil war monuments, protecting statues while real people suffer and some die. >> tucker: they are such liars. civil war monuments. they are taking down statues of abraham lincoln. but did you catch the last line? while real people suffer. patricia and mark are real people. they live in st. louis. is there a city degraded and fell apart around them, became dirty and dangerous on the last decade, they did not flee to the suburbs. many of their neighbors did but they stayed in their home. they've been in the same home for 32 years. they rebuilt it entirely slowly and painstakingly. they love it. on sunday, they sat on their backyard together having dinner. suddenly as they ate, a mob of hundreds of screaming people destroyed a gate and came pouring in, moving toward them quickly. they were terrified and watched as mobs looted and burned and assaulted citizens around the country.
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this mob was clearly intent on violence, they said so. when mccloskey told them to leave, they threatened to murder him and his wife and threatened to kill the family's dog. panicked, they called the police. f then the called the neighborhood security patrol but no one came. they had no choice to protect themselves. they went inside and got their, yes, legally registered firearms. >> keep moving! >> keep moving! >> let's move! >> tucker: it worked. met finally by citizens who dare defend themselves, the mob retreated and melted away, but the terror did not end. the sight of ordinary americans standing up for themselves and their home enraged and immediately put the mccloskey name and home address all over the internet. threats poured in.
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mark spent last night boarding up his office downtown, he had no choice.rd still, no one stepped forward to protect the mccloskeys, not one person. amazingly, missouri has a republican governor, former sheriff called mike parson, but he did not spend state troopers to defend them. the governor didn't even call the mccloskeys. there's a lot he could have done. he could've announced no citizen would be prosecuted for executing the most basic of rights. the governor didn't do that. he did nothing. and so sensing they were completely undefended, the jackals descended on the mccloskeys. st. louis a district attorney, kim gardner, announced she was considering filing criminal charges against the mccloskeys for resisting the mob, mob that was threatening to murder them.
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she vowed to use the full power of the law to defend them. the full power to crush them for resisting. the media meanwhile immediately set about trying to show the mccloskeys were racist. here's how "the washington post" framed the story. "as the peaceful crowd of 500 walked along a private gated street, a white couple who emerged from a marble mansion had something else in mind." "the new york times" agreed. this was definitely a hate crime. "president trump on monday morning retweeted a video of a white man and woman brandishing a semiautomatic rifle and a handgun. at peaceful black protesters. almost every word a lie. in fact, the mob was not black whatever that means that it definitely wasn't peaceful. it was murderous. nor did anyone explain what the mccloskeys race had to do with anything.e,
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a white man, a white couple, okay, they are. so what? why is that relevant? why is it ever relevant in a situation like this? it's not. i but again, no one bothered to explain. online, the digitall enablers took the bait. they knew what to do. time to hate the mccloskeys. a longtime libertarian activist in washington called jerry taylor immediately tweeted this w"if i were in that march and these racist lunatics were waving guns at me, i'd like to think i'd rush them and beat their brains and, and i wouldn't apologize for it for one god damn second." jerry taylor by the way isn't some lone lunatic. he runs a think tank in washington and yet here was jerry taylor, libertarian innd good standing, encouraging brutal violence against strangers for defending themselves. no one even seemed to notice, nobody cared. the message to everybody else was crystal clear. the mob is in charge. their power cannot be curbed. don't even consider defending yourself. e
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self-defense is racist. michigan governor gretchen whitmer all but said that aloud. she said that her state should make racially motivated not alone because i hate crime. it's already a crime in the state of michigan's what would be the purpose of this order? you know the answer. fear. the mob once the power to destroy anyone who wants police protection from mostly peaceful protests. yit's an impediment to their power, so gretchen whitmer is trying to sweep it away. you can see exactly what's coming. it's obvious what they are planning. what's fascinating is the people doing this know it, they know the consequences of these plans, and they don't plan to live with those consequences. on friday, the minneapolis city council voted unanimously to abolish their city's police department. a number of them explained why they were voting this way. watch. >> now is the time for us as a city to start paying those who have been doing this work for decades that need to get paid.
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all that money has been going to the police department and what have we gotten in return? pain, trauma, and hurt. >> we will be taking intermediate steps towards ending the mpd through the budget process. >> showing up as a person that believes that we should and can abolish our current minneapolis police system. >> tucker: those were awfully emphatic statements which might easy to be misled by them. the minneapolis city council isn't actually opposed to armed protection, they are opposed to you having it. they are opposed to t the police protecting your family and your homes. but they are not opposed to protecting themselves, and that's why the three minneapolis city councilman you just saw requested and received taxpayer-funded security guards. you pay for them. they stand outside their homes. of course they did that. they don't want to get hurt.
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dana loesch, happy to have her on. thank you for coming on. what do you make of the reaction against the mccloskeys as racist, as lunatics, armed bigots,ot for the crime of tryig to defend themselves? >> they committed no crime, i am shocked. st. louis is my hometown. so i am well aware of all of the players that are in this game, kim gardner who is a circuit attorney who amazingly and i'm sure you are familiar with is having talked about it on your program, has refused previously to actually bring charges against some of the violent rioters that committed arson and assault and robbery and all these other crimes during those several weekends in a row when everybody was going crazy all over the country and to see the mccloskeys smeared and maligned this way, these are individuals who were simply protecting their home. i want to make this very clear for everyone, this area is
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private property so this is off of kings highway, i lived right by this area in downtown st. louis before moving to texas, so it's kind of like a gated community, a private residential area. these protesters were not peacefully walking past anything. these individuals mowed down a gate, an iron gate, because the residential area separated from the public way by a very impressive iron fence, a gate. these beautiful brick structures. it's a very historic area. they mold through this gate, pictures of it all over the internet so i daresay that legacy media can stop trying to gaslight everyone in thinking private property damage didn't happen andnd they were screamins couple. d when your damaging privatety property, when your trespassing, you're ceasing to engage in peaceful protest and it's amazing to me that kim gardner and all of these other individuals out there across the country that are so certain that
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the mccloskeys are guilty of just defendinglt themselves, tht it's okay for a riot mob, a violent mob to do with they did and damage property but it's bad for these innocent individuals to defend themselves? that doesn't make sense. >> tucker:se not that this is relevant because straggly speaking it's not relevant because these are universal principles but the fact is mark mccloskey is a lawyer, not a huge personal injury lawyer anything but one of the cases i read today, he's currently working on is representing the young black men suing for police misconduct. there is zero evidence these people are what do you make of the coordinatedff effort to "the new york times" and "the washington post," lunatics, libertarian nut cases to denounce them as racist on no evidence. >> they are not racist. no evidence they are racist. they are homeowners that wanted
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to protect their property. you can't tell me that after watching weeks of violence and arson and destruction that's broadcast in your home that you see a range mob coming down your street near where going to think something good comes from it. i want to remind everyone that here on kings highway just on the road, david doran was murdered by violent rioters and about 15 minutes away there is a statue of st. louis in front of the st. louis art museum and people were getting beaten up on tape simply for protesting or counter protesting and hoping that the statue remained where it is. they are not racist. i don't know what their politics are. i would be shocked if they are republicans because that area is very predominantly leftist. it doesn't matter because everyone has the right to exercise their second amendment self-defense. people wanted to defund the police. this is what defunding the police looks like. this is what the second amendment looks like and if people want to continue pushing communities to get rid of the police and protection for citizenry, the citizens are going to be the backlash.
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>> tucker: of course. when a mob threatens to murder your family and dog i think it's fair to say you have a right to scare them away. you're not a racist for doingt it. great to see you tonight. >> good to see you. thank you. >> tucker: the story says so much about where the country is going and about where our leaders are. we're going to continue to follow it. tomorrow night we're going to speak to mark and patricia mccloskey. they will be joining us live. the country seeing a big spike in coronavirus cases. countries have responded. europe has imposed a travel ban against the u.s. and yet hospitalizations and deaths remain below the peak of two months ago. why is it exactly and what is the right response? we will speak to senator mike braun, republican of indiana on his new proposal to make it easier for left-wing activist groups to sue police officers. you doing okay?
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while cases are growing quickly, deaths and hospitalizations are not. it's not clear exactly why. meanwhile, the american academy of pediatrics have strongly recommended that schools should reopen this fall with students physically present in the classroom. scott atlas is a physician andio senior fellow at the hoover institution.tu he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. first question, why do you think we are seeing a surge in cases but with a lower hospitalization and death rate? >> we expected more cases with more social mingling and of course as you are saying, we had a lot of social mingling and ito -- in the last few weeks. with that social mingling, we're going to see more cases. with more testing, we will detect more cases but the fact isas the overwhelming majority f these cases are younger, healthier people. these people do not have a significant problem. they do not have the serious complications. they do not die. so it's fantastic news that we have a lot of cases but we don't see deaths going up.
9:22 pm
what that means is that we are doing a better job protecting the vulnerable, and we are in good shape here. we like the fact that there's a lot of cases in low risk populations because that's exactly how we are going to get herd immunity, when low risk people with no significant problem handling this virus which r is basically 99% of peoe who get this become immune and they block the pathways of connectivity to more contagious, older, sicker people. >> tucker: you are already hearing people say we need another set of lockdowns presumably that will end the presidential debate schedule this fall, no doubt about that, and will close schools for kids. why are they saying that, do yoo suppose? >> i said before, it's hard to understand people who think irrationally. i don't know why they're saying it, but we know why they shouldn'twh say it. there's no reason for a lockdown when we have something happening we have no problem with. theseav do not translate into
9:23 pm
people going onto respirators. the hospitalization phase is half the length that they were before. we are doing very well with this, but the point about the schools is really critical because this is the most irrationalis public policy probably in modern history. children have virtually zero risk of having complications at zero risk of dying. we know that from the data all over the world not just in theha u.s. there is no arguing about that data. we also know all over the world that children only rarely if ever transmit the disease, so there is really no risk, but there is tremendous harm and non having in-person schools as the american administration for pediatrics pointed out and one of the world's best hospitals for pediatric medicine pointed out when they recommended no masks, no distancing. full opening. there is no science behind having children not attend schools.
9:24 pm
zero science for have children wearing masks or have spacing when they have zero risk from the disease. people that are older in the teaching age, teaching in the young profession. 50% of u.s. teachers in k-12 are under 41 years old. they are not high-risk. 82% are under 55. for the few high-risk teachers, i think by now they probably know how to isolate themselves from 6 feet away from others or wear a mask. if that's not enough and frankly those high-risk teachers can stay home and teach from a distance. you don't lock down the children because you are personally afraid. it's totally outrageous. >> tucker: the most irrational policy in history. schools might be the most irrational institutions in history so maybe we shouldn't be surprised by this but thank you for your clarity. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: another segment coming up that you won't want to miss. we told you last week about a republican senator's plan to make it easier to sue the police.
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>> tucker: as you've seen an excruciating detail, no institution has come under more ferocious attacks than local police departments. in minneapolis, police are being abolished entirely. in los angeles and new york, their funding is being slashed dramatically. in cities around the country, monuments to the police are being vandalized or ripped down. the sleeve atlanta, officer garrett rolfe faces the death penalty for shooting a man called rayshard brooks after he stole his taser and fired at him. er what are republican officeholders doing in the face of this unprecedented attack? not a lot.yo few have stepped up to defend the police from totally bogus accusations of quote systemic racism. some are repeating it. one republican is gone further
9:31 pm
than that. as we told you, senator mikeke braun of indiana has introduced legislation to make it easier for left-wingvi activists to sui police officers. "we must do this," senator braun explained "in part because rayshard brooks' death was egregious." >> i wanted to put a template out there that protects law enforcement from frivolous lawsuits but holds the egregious departments and individuals accountable in these instances of a george floyd or rayshard brooks or breonna taylor. >> tucker: in case you suspect we somehow selectively edited that clip, here he is going all the way in endorsing black lives matter. >> do you support the black lives matter movement? >> i support that movementov because it is addressing in an inequity that has not been solved from a grassroots level.. >> tucker: after a segment on
9:32 pm
thursday, senator braun asked to come on this show to detail his position and of course be happy to have him, thank you so much for coming on. before i ask you about qualified immunity and your attempts to water it down, i was very surprised by that endorsement that you gave on camera of black lives matter. black lives matter has of course called for the murder of police officers. why do you support it and are there any other revolutionary imovements that you support? >> thanks for having me on in the first place. i know when you came out, and i like it when somebody doesn challenge, especially something like this when you're talking about changing something that's been around for a while. i come from mainstream. your viewers are my supporters. and i've got one of the most conservative voting records. >> tucker: i don't know about that. >> that's true, you'd have to check with them just like i checked with the indiana state police, indiana sheriffs association, fraternal order of police, spent over an hour with
9:33 pm
them last week to make sure i was not phase. here's where i come from. >> tucker: i'm confused. really quick. you're basing your support of black lives matter, the endorsement you just gave. have you read their website? are you in favor of abolishing the nuclear family? what do you support exactly? >> i support anybody that does have a grievance to be able to aerate, and that's it. that doesn't mean all live don't matter. it just means that if you think a certain sector of society has a grievance, it ought to be through transparency and a willingness to debate it and get it outa there. i'm going to always go on the merits of the particular case. going back to what i learned last week, first of all, law enforcement in indiana was talking about eliminating it or drastically modifying it. this was to find that sweet spot to where they said they are being unduly stigmatized because of these events. because in some cases, their own
9:34 pm
aren't held accountable. when they knew that, they basically said we need to be in the discussion. look how we got rolled with obamacare when we refused -- >> tucker: hold on, i'm sorry. we showed tape of you saying that we need to pull back, make it easier to sue the police because of quote egregious incidents like the death of d rayshard brooks." rdhe said he wanted to speak abt specifics. do you believe that he was killed unjustly? do you believe the officer deserves the death penalty which he now faces? >> i believe you ought to have the ability, just like when anyone's civil rights would be violated, you've got access to due process to have your case heard. >> tucker: they do. they do have that right. qualified immunity has nothing to do with that case. he has been charged and they have the right to sue him. under qualified immunity as you know since you're writing the change to the law so that's irrelevant. i'm asking about the case.
9:35 pm
do you believe the office are now facing the death penalty deserves to face the death penalty and if you don't, tell us what he should have done? >> i think that's going to be determined by the court. >> tucker: you cited. hold on. what do you think of it? you called it egregious, so why don't you tell us what officer rolfe should have done? >> i think you should have had the judgment. in a traffic stop like that, you don'tt shoot somebody in the back. >> tucker: hold on. hold on. i want you to explain. i think it's fair. you're an office holder. i don't normally press people like this but it's not fair for you to filibuster without answer my question which is very simple. the officer facing the death penalty had a guy fire weapon at him. what should he have done then? >> probably not have killed the guy. >> tucker: what should he have done?
9:36 pm
let him go? >> do you think he was going to get away? >> tucker: you tell me. you are the one charging the officer so maybe you could explain why you're judging him. >> that will all come out in the court process and all i'm saying, let me finish, if we don't get better at it, for all of us on main street, democrats are going to spin it. chuck schumer has already decided he can make hay of it in the election and we will end up on the short side of it again. >> tucker: who controls the senate? i thought republicans controllee the senate. so you're taking your cues from chuck schumer? you are saying chuck schumer might criticize me therefore i law that makes it easier to sue police? >> we have to have 60 votes in the senate to get anything done. >> tucker: they are about to change that when they take over. >> law enforcement in indiana thinks that in some of these cases it's giving them bad name and bad apples ought to be, there ought to be due process for the victims. >> tucker: what
9:37 pm
law enforcement groups are endorsing your bill? >> they are not endorsing it but they said it was a good template to work from. >> tucker: oh. why are they not endorsing it? you have cited them twice as supporters of the idea but they're not endorsing your bill so they don't actually support it so why are you bringing enough that it's evidence of a good idea? >> to be in the discussion rather than be outside of it. >> tucker: if you care what they think, why don't you write something they will endorse? >> that doesn't necessarily mean we won't get there. nthat's not going to be done today. the democrats now think they can win with that in the election, and that's why we need to be engaged now in a way that would have kept it on the table. >> tucker: so you need to write a bill that law enforcement molten doors. the country is burning, not because cops are burning it down but because the mob is. you think the morally culpable parties the police so you're making it easier for left-wing groups to sue them. my missing something? >> you are. trying to put words in my mouth. >> tucker: i'm not.
9:38 pm
>> i don't justify any of the looting, any of the rioting, and if you, don't address the underlying issue, you think it's going to fix itself on its own? >> tucker: you think the underlying issue is rayshard brooks being shot? you're telling me that what's happening now is the result of police behavior? the fault of the police? that's whatic you're saying? >> i'm saying what they are getting by with on the other side is trying to generalize and they will get away with it if we decide to do nothing. that's just a general disagreement in approach. >> tucker: are you making it easier for business owners to sue the mob for burning their businesses down? i haven't noticed that bill coming out of the senate. >> if we're not in the discussion, we're going to be on the sidelines like we are on so many issues as conservatives because we failed to engage andd they run circles around us in the end. >> tucker: you think you're going to keep the senate in the fall on this platform? >> i think we are going to keep the senate if we at least arenk willing to engage in issues that are important to the american public and that we don't alwayst
9:39 pm
stand on the sidelines until it's too late.e it's more about when you get involved in the issues. >> tucker: i don't think the public supports you at all on this. >> i think law enforcement knows they need to have a better system than what they've got now because it is stigmatizing them unduly. >> tucker: okay. senator braun, thank you for joining us tonight, appreciate it. another interview that you won't want to miss, we just mentioned garrett rolfe. you remember he was the atlanta police officer now facing the death penalty. he defended himself from a taser attack. right after that happened, his stepmother was fired from her job at a company called equity prime mortgage which we reported on this show. why exactly was she fired? did she do something wrong or where she punished for the fact that her stepson became unpopular? she will tell us tomorrow, first interview 8:00 p.m. eastern. melissa rolfe. for years, left-wing politicians pushed gun control and
9:40 pm
surrounded themselves with armed guards and now getting even more guards as they push to abolish police. more on that story for minneapolis.ti
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♪ >> tucker: safety for me, but not for thee. we're seeing that from leaders around the country, and in new york city, bill de blasio wants to slash the nypd budget but don't expect bill de blasio's security detail to be cut in any way. will probably be enlarged as the city becomes more dangerous. in minneapolis, city leaders have try to work around. three city council members are receiving a $4500 a day private security detail in response to threats against them supposedly, fake threats. who in this world doesn't get threats right now? please. all of those city council members just just voted to abolish protection for citizens, the city's police department. scott johnson is an attorney in minnesota, a regular guest on the show.or always happy to have him. thank you so much for coming on. am i missing any of this? they are abolishing your police protection but making you pay for your own? --for their own.
9:46 pm
>> you just took on my bullet points. the only thing i would add is this is a story that was broken by a local fox reporter who is very talented investigative reporter with good sources and the police department in city hall. he found three city council members who voted last friday to pass an ordinance putting the police department on the chopping block and serve up a department of lollipops and rainbows for the city of minneapolis were having cd paid private security provided them supposedly because of threats against them. he was unable to confirm the existence of any threats. he doesn't question their veracity, but those are the facts. it's kind of hard to put it altogether. it doesn't quite compute. >> tucker: it does, because they claim the threats came from
9:47 pm
"white supremacists", which i think we are going to hear a lot more about going forward as they use that pretext for the whole population. do you think that's true? >> that is one of the three. the other two weren't really talking, and it really makes you wonder. i kept looking for a white supremacist while 500 buildings were burned to the ground and damaged in minneapolis and st. paul during the riots that ensued following the death of george floyd, and i have to say, they are few and far between, a lot more black lives matter rioters and a lot more antifa rioters, and i have yet to see a white supremacist, but i'm sure there are a few around. >> tucker: didn't they tell us at first it was white supremacists burning the buildings, secret ones? or russian agents, can't remember which one. >> i don't know if you remember the truckne driver who drove ino
9:48 pm
protesters on highway 35w heading through downtown on the sunday following all of that, a local head of the democrats in the minnesota house of representatives, ryan winkler, he asserted on twitter that the driver of the truck was a white supremacist with a confederate flag on his truck, and it was all so far from the truth that it really was a scandal that he has yet to answer for, so i would say there's a lot of that going around, and i'd like to s see it with my own eyes before i believe it. >> tucker: i don't think of minneapolis as a hotbed of the klan. i think of it as a hotbed. as dutiful swedes. what do i know? scott johnson, thank you for that, good to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: no one understands mob behavior better than former evergreen college biology professor brett weinstein. in may of 2017, he refused in
9:49 pm
order to leave his campus for a day because of his skin color and immediately, the mob set oui to destroy you said people shouldn't be allowed to speak or not on the basis of their skin color which seems like a foundational belief of the left and one that i agree with strongly. and for that, they physically threatened you and are trying to get you fired. >> yes, they are absolutely trying to get me fired, and they believe that my words in my email are transparently racist and i think were caught quite off guard when people who are not at evergreen read my letter pd couldn't find any racism in it. >> tucker: it all looks like a t preview now. for weeks, the mob harassed and threatened the professor, faculty denounced him, campus police said they could not protect him or his family and instead urged him to stay off campus entirely and eventually he resigned. now the mobs that once seemed limited to places like evergreen dominate our country.
9:50 pm
he's now a visiting fellowla of princeton and joins us tonight, thank you so much for coming on. i've thought of you since all of this started and i should say at the outset you weren't a conservative last i talk to you and i doubt you are now but you are one of the people that saw this most clearly earliest, so what is your reaction to twatching it happen to millions of others? >> i wish we had gotten to it earlier, this is the same phenomenon we have seen on college campuses. may be most dramatically at evergreen, i warned congress when they had me testify that this was going to spill out into every c other facet of civilization and that appears to be what's happening. but i do think we are maybe missing the deeper part of the story. people are obviously frustrated and angry, and they spilled out into the street but the reason they have done that has to do with political corruption in both of our major parties, which has to a large extent frozen the working population out of
9:51 pm
the prosperity that they have e generated. so it's not surprising to see them protesting, but what is surprising is that those protests has been hijacked by a fringe ideology from the corner of the academy, a fringe ideology in which almost no reasonable person could possibly believe, and yet it is building tremendous power as we are seeing in every facet of our lives. >> tucker: you make such a deep point that i want to play it night after night, which is the problems that people are angry about are mostly economic problems, problems of political corruption but have been reframed as racial problems. has that reframing been intentional? >> i think two things have happened. one, the fringe ideology has discovered that it can hijack that anger, and then we are seeing on the democratic side, seeing powerful political forces embrace the ideology and those similar
9:52 pm
reasons. cynical reasonsndy basically have to do with the fact that if americans were angry at the right thing, they would be going after political corruption. and if we are angry at each other because we imagine we are guilty of prejudice, then we won't do that. so the key question is how canon we get leadership at the top that addresses the issue of corruption at its root? and if i might,, i have unveiled a plan to do that, and i'd like to run you through it briefly. >> tucker: please do. >> so the plan is called unity 2020, and it involves we the people drafting, one from center left and one from center right who have three characteristics. they need to be courageous, capable, and need to be patriots. they would join together and agree to govern as a team, theyw would discuss every decision, and only when they couldn't reach agreement or when a decision had to be made quicklyn would the president rule. after four years, the team would
9:53 pm
reverse and the president would run as vice president and this would continue until one of them was ineligible. >> tucker: boy. changing the system of government. seems to me like we're going to change a system of government no matter what we do and that might be a better way to do it. i'll need to think about that but i appreciate your bravery and your clarity, and i hope yot will come back because i love to know what ordinary people can do in y the face of a moment like this. i wish we had more time. professor, thank you so much. ou>> thank you. >> tucker: so one way the people in charge keep their power year after year, generation after generation is by jailing their most vocal opponents.on one of those is about to go to prison. we will tell you the latest. (gong rings) - this is joe.
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(combative yelling) he used to have bad breath. now, he uses a capful of therabreath fresh breath oral rinse to keep his breath smelling great, all day long. (combative yelling) therabreath, it's a better mouthwash. at walmart, target and other fine stores. ♪ >> tucker: a federal judge has ordered roger stone to report to prison in about two weeks by july 14th.
9:59 pm
once he reports, stone will be imprisoned for three years and four months. stone's crime, if it was one, hurt no one. he barely missed remember the details of emails related to a defunct conspiracy theory. the whole thing added up to nothing and yet for doing that, he will spend the rest of his healthy life in prison and do much more time than almost any of the violent criminals who have destroyed our cities. y.burnt businesses, looted them, torched police stations, terrorized the population for the past month. if you were shot dead, you'd think cnn would send a special news crew to capture the man who killed you, no, they wouldn't, but they did that for roger stone and they are relishing his suffering. total destruction of stone and his family.ut they care more about putting roger stone in prison than about punishing looters and arsonists. why? the same time they want the mccloskey family arrested in the same reason they want michael flynn in jail, the samet reason they want anyone critical of black lives matter to be fired. because stone opposed them, l
10:00 pm
he mocked them. if he can get away with it, others might try, and that's not allowed. that's it for us tonight. thank you for spending the hour with us. we'll be back tomorrow. in the meantime, the great sean hannity takes over from new york. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." busy news night tonight. violence once again a rafting and many of america's major cities tonight. decades of democratic rule has resulted in what is now predictable disaster, who is going to fix this? so called leaders, democratic party have no answers. think about this. joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, they combined have been in public life in the swamp in washington, combined more than 125 years. ask yourself this, what have they ever done to make things better in american cities? it's going to be biden, schumer, and pelosi. donald trump hasn't been there four full years or have democrats actually made these


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